iTools iOS 10.0.1 for a Smooth iOS Management

If you are an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch user love upgrading your iOS with Apple’s constant updates, today’s post must catch important. In here we write you about iTools iOS 10.0.1 leading a complete and simple iOS management for those who are on iOS 10.0.1. So have a look on iTools iOS 10.0.1 which arrange you the best opportunity to manage iOS media transferring, backups, applications install/uninstall, firmware upgrades and a lot more through the support of Windows and Mac.

iTools iOS 10.0.1

As of now Apple has closed the signing Window of iOS 10.0.1 which was the very first minor release came over major iOS 10 Download. In that way iTools iOS 10.0.1 Download will be only benefited for those who are still on iOS 10.0.1 and looking for a supportive iOS management. And by now Apple has released iOS 10.1.1 as the latest in the stand of the issue with Health Data viewing. For more you can also find iOS 10.2 in betas and available for developers and public testers through beta 3.

iTools iOS 10.0.1- What Can you do with iTools?

You can do a lot of things with iTools Download. In fact it comes as the best alternative application for Apple own iTunes, which you need in iOS management through Desktop. In that way iTools here comes to take over the place from iTunes making thing more simpler and easy. So head iTools iOS 10.0.1 on your iOS 10.0.1 and put the full end to the circuitous management through iTunes. If I say about iTools in a few words, it is simple, convenient and recommended for complete iOS management. Most importantly iTools free to download and does not cost you in the functioning too. So there you can have more benefits with iTools free download than sticking to iTunes standing for its complications.

Supported iPhone Range

  • Latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6S plus
  • iPhone SE

Supported iPad Range

  • iPad pro 9.7 and 12.9 inches models
  • iPad Air and iPad Air 2
  • iPad 4
  • iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 4

Supported iPod Range

  • iPod Touch 6th Generation

Please Note: iTools is a desktop application that can be handled with Windows or Mac support. So make sure to be prepared with a proper PC help to download iTools iOS 10.0.1. and remember that you can now have iTools English Download too in addition the original Chinese release

Install iTools iOS 10.0.1- Video Guide

  • Step 1: Get prepared with a Windows or Mac and web browse for iTools iOS 10.0.1
  • Step 2: Download iTools free on the desktop and set up the program with given guidelines
  • Step 3: Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to the PC and make sure to have a proper USB
  • Step 4: Give some minutes to iTools to get connected with the iDevice
  • Step 5: So now you are free to try iTools iOS 10.0.1 and all functions within the interface to manage your iOS 10.0.1

How Can iTools Help You- iTools Features

There are many reasons why iTools is loved and even more than Apple’s own iTunes. Most notably its simple interface can manage things easily making you free of troubles and any cost. So there you must have iTools in respect to your iOS and have a super easy management. iTools is made of iTunes important features but comes to you in an more advanced way housing more features too. So have a look on some of the top benefits from iTools iOS 10.0.1.

  • Advance data migrating all kind of iOS media management

iTools download

  • Interesting customization features to change ringtones, set themes, wallpapers and more

iTools Download

  • Upgrade or Downgrade your iOS firmware

iTools download

  • Specific feature preserve battery power

iTools iOS 10.0.1

  • Clearer System log

iTools iOS 10.0.1

  • Clear cache, unwanted data in a more effective way to enhance device’s performance

iTools iOS 10.0.1

  • Super backups including application backups

iTools iOS 10.0.1

  • Desktop management

iTools download

  • Flush wizard to look for latest firmware upgrades

iTools iOS 10.0.1

Above are only a hand pick of what you can do with iTools install. So head iTools download in respect to the version you are powered and experience an advanced iOS management with all simple techniques.

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