iTools 2018 – Manage your iDevice in a better way

iTools is the incontestable alternative to Apple iTunes for years. Throughout, operators can handle media, documents, apps, files and everything in a good condition. iTools 2018 is the latest drop that even compatible with iOS 11 versions. And those who are with grand iPhone X and 8/8Plus would be thankful its supportiveness in advance. There are all-new functionalities that cannot count from Apple’s manager. And even as often, there is a long list of features appear the same of iTunes but comes in a responsive manner.

itools 2018

What’s new?

Everything new with download iTools can pull once you arrange it on your desktop. Though stand with professional features, the absolute utility can be download just for free of charge. You can navigate to the official, or elsewhere reliable ones can be requested.

From the very beginning of an iDevice, there should be a guide such as iTools 4 for every single movement. You can start with an iOS installation to the end of your practice. Your iPhone or the iPad might get slower and complex unless you prepare things carefully. As a media manager, iTools will organize each package you saved in a better manner while everything is messy. All you have to do is, do the installation and connect your handset. The best thing would be having the package on your computer and make it an experience rather than count related narrations.

Important features

  • Upgrade/downgrade
  • Arrange apps/games orderly
  • Share music/video/audio/photographs
  • Create smart backups and position them perfectly
  • Smart photograph manager
  • Create music tracks
  • Check latest iOS updates and its compatibility with your iPhone or iPad

iTools 2018 for Windows and Mac OS X

Following the same system requirement of the official iTunes, iTools download as well need Mac or a Windows PC to play its role. And the system has to arrange with the latest version of iTunes that will connect with iTools and drive it smoothly. iTools version 4 is there in advance to stand with each function you used with the formal tool. You will encounter familiar features for the appearance of iTools identical to iTunes. But it will not a time wasting practice any longer. Let iTools resolve all your troubles and maintain your iDevice that can never receive from any other.

Download iTools 2018

  • Install the application
  • Click the icon and launch
  • You will see the list of options
  • Select each and go through as you have a preference
  • Make certain that iTunes application as well the latest edition

itools 2018

Wrapping up

iTools 2018 download will set you free in every occasion that you desire to manage iOS, media files, applications and everything. The latest version available for free. And it compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 8.0 to the latest. The hottest iTools package would be great behind iOS 11.0 for there are a heap of functions and uses to handle than prior. The fastest approach and the clear guidance will make you easier with all activities. You can even compare its support between iTunes and iTools to confirm whether it becomes the most excellent as always.

What Do You Plan with iTools iOS 11.3?

iTools is an admirable program for all iPhone, iPad and iPod in keeping flawless iOS management. It collects all of the significant iTunes features to a better and comfortable interface making you saved from all the complications. So it is the right time for us to look for iTools iOS 11.3 to come expecting continuous support in the complete iOS management just like all years so far came. 

iTools iOS 11.3

Apple’s continuous upgrading will stick on iOS 11.3 bringing you more essential upgrades and fixes. So for sure, that will be one of the firmware must have on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for more stable and fixed performance. And for that, iTools iOS 11.3 Download would bring more importance being the solution for the complete management. So start backups, restores, data transfers, media controls, desktop management and more in iTools style rather than getting with old iTunes way. In fact, it simply let go all of the complications and will make the whole iOS experience comfortable and clean.

iTools 11.3 for Mac and Windows

iTools comes to the user only as a desktop program. So without either Mac or Windows PC, you cannot make use of the iTools Download. And for the happy fact, it supports all of the Mac OS x versions and Windows from XP. So take the turn to iTools 2018 for the best and most stable functioning. But remember that iTools for Mac make the highest success in connection even above iTools for Windows. So grab the benefits either through Windows or Mac.

iTools 2018 Features

iTools 4 is the latest update we find from the best iOS management software. So in this 2018, you will be lucky to grab all of the updated features there including iOS 11.3. Then check out the significant features you could catch in iTools 4.

iTools 10.3.3

  • iTools AirPlayer- Bringing you the best screen experience also with screen sharing capabilities. So it lets you play gems,
  • Ringtone Maker- An interesting customization feature comes in the iTools way. It offers you to put your voice clips, audios as original ringtone of the device
  • Backup and Restore- Giving you super backups with super speedy restores
  • Battery master- Gives you a complete status update on the each device’s battery capacity, value, temperature, SN value and more
  • Media Controller- You can transfer any file from the PC to device with use of iTools media controller feature. It supports a wide array of formats
  • File Management- Lets you easily manage all of the files
  • Icon arranger- Arranges your device’s icons easily
    Image tool- Gives you the chance to preview any image in the original resolution with some more editing and arranging features

If you need best iOS management on iOS 11.3 but with no complications, the turn should go in the iTools iOS 11.3 way. It is free as always and going to give you all of the iTunes features required in proper iOS management but dropping off all the complications. So connect to iTools Windows or Mac to make use of best iOS management features. And do not forget to tell us how do you feel about the experience compared to iTunes.